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2013-05-02 12:04:51
u-blox7 - new family of GPS / Glonass / QZSS modules

max-7 moduł GPS Glonass

u-blox - the leading manufacturer of GPS/GNSS products - introduced the latest u-blox7 family, using not only GPS and SBAS, but also Russian Glonass and Japanese QZSS localization systems.


Extremely low power consumption  (4.5mA/1Hz) and state of the art navigation performance modules are also equipped with several useful, additional features, like Jammer Detection or DataLogger.



New family is pin compatible successor of u-blox6 and u-blox5 modules, and makes it possible to migrate to the latest technology without expensive redesign of the existing applications.

u-blox continues “future-proof” tradition of form-factor and layout consistency with u-blox7 and its industry standard LEA, NEO and MAX modules.



The main features of u-blox7 modules:

  • production in Austria, according to automotive ISO/TS 16949 standards, well known on the market reliability and high quality of products
  • qualification according to ISO 16750, modules are designed and tested to be used in extremely demanding "in vehicle" applications
  • multi-system technology (GPS, Glonass, QZSS, ready for Galileo and BeiDou(Compass)), SBAS (EGNOS, WAAS, MSAS)
  • MAX, NEO, LEA form factors - well known, all of them were introduced to the market by u-blox in the past
  • extremely low power consumption, and additional Power Save Modes (PSM) - 4.5mA tracking with fix every second
  • wide power supply range (1.65V - 3.6V)
  • USB, UART, I2C interfaces
  • state of the art navigation performance, also in harsh, noisy environment with reflections
  • Jammer Detection and report
  • Data Logger - stand alone work, saving log file in flash memory
  • Efficient Assisted GPS modes (Online, Offline, Autonomous) - for much faster first fix, even under very hard conditions, where GNSS system without Assisted support is not able to calculate position
  • wide portfolio of pin compatible modules, makes it possible to select the best receiver for the application
  • efficient cooperation with u-blox GSM/UMTS modules  (SARA, LEON, LISA) - direct connection between GPS and GSM/UMTS module
  • user friendly tools, application notes and reference designs to speed up design
  • cost optimized products

Microdis, together with manufacturer, is happy to offer application and technical support on the spot.



More detailed information can be found in our Wireless Folder:


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and on the manufacturer's web:


u-blox GNSS