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Fleet Management & Car Security





Fleet Management and Car Security are one of the most popular applications using GSM/GPRS and GNSS technology. Very often the same hardware is used in both applications, and the final functionality depends on the software.


Fleet management is the management of a company's vehicle fleet, includes vehicle tracking, mechanical diagnostics, and driver behaviour tracking.


Basic function in all Fleet Management systems, is the vehicle tracking component usually based on GNSS receiver.
Advanced systems provide additional features as:

  • vehicle's data (speed/overspeed, fuel consumption, distance etc)
  • remote security and control of fleet vehicles
  • fleet management software allows function such as driver/vehicle profiling, trip profiling, dispatch, vehicle efficiency, etc.
  • eCall or ERA Glonass

The most important features requested by the manufacturers of the fleet management systems are :

  • high quality and reliability - due to high service cost of units already installed in the cars, and problems to access cars on the field
  • noise immunity - especially GNSS system is always sensitive on noise sources, such as GSM, Bluetooth, vehicle's onboard computers etc
  • high GNSS sensitivity - enables navigation under weak conditions, in urban canyons, makes possible to hide the GNSS antenna
  • some applications request Dead Reckoning - navigation without the GNSS signal (in tunnels, garage etc)
  • GSM/GPRS communication - for flexible, not expensive information flow
  • forward/backward compatibility - not to waste time and money for the new designs, manufacturers with clear roadmap and using the same (pin compatible) form factors in future designs are preferred
  • low power consumption
  • extended temperature range

Fleet Management application usually consists of :

  • GNSS positioning unit
  • GSM/GPRS communication unit
  • accessories (antennas, connectors, adapter cables, SIM card holder)
  • additional features (Bluetooth module, GSM hands free set, RFID identification, sensors for Dead Reckoning etc.)

Microdis supports customers involved in fleet management systems since over 15 years, from the very early stage of device concept, through design up to the mass production.
We have collected experience and knowledge deep enough to select the right products, and to be a stable partner  able to fulfil all customers' requirements.






GNSS positioning unit


The heart of the fleet management is the positioning unit. We recommend GNSS modules, based on the latest, u-bloxM8 or u-blox7 technologies, and produced by the company u-blox, an expert in GPS/GLONASS/BEIDOU/QZSS/GALILEO technology.


Our selection: MAX-M8Q, MAX-M8W


Features :

  • high quality, swiss products, every GNSS module is tested on GNSS simulator before delivery, modules are produced in Austria according to automotive ISO/TS16949 standards
  • small, reliable form factor without any connectors, for automatic placement and soldering process
  • backward and forward compatible products - which are pin compatible with previous versions (ublox5/ublox6/ublox7 modules) as well as future products
  • extended noise immunity, and corrupted signals filtering
  • high sensitivity (-167dBm tracking, -148dBm cold start)
  • low power consumption (1Hz update rate - 5mA, A-GPS and A-Glonass feature, Power Saving modes)
  • ultrafast TTFF (Time To First Fix), including A-GPS A-Glonass Autonomous support
  • additional feature, flexibility and access to plenty of GPS and Glonass settings enable tuning the performance according to the application needs
  • Galileo ready design - extending number of useful satellites
  • full support from our application engineers as well as the manufacturer
  • application flexibility - due to availability of full range of products (low cost, standard sensitivity, high sensitivity, dead reckoning, time measurement) customer can easily swith between units depending on the final product requests
  • direct connection with u-blox cellular (2G, 3G, 4G) modules (over DDC / I2C) to save one UART in the application, and use A-GNSS client built into GSM module (LEON-G1, SARA-G3, SARA-U2, LISA-U2, TOBY-L)

More information regarding u-blox products can be found on our GPS section.





GSM/GPRS communication unit


We recommend : SARA-G340 u-blox LEON GSM module

  • small, reliable 2G GSM/GPRS unit (16x26x3.00mm) in SMT form factor
  • pin compatible to 3G modules SARA-U2
  • easy to handle GPRS - embedded TCP/IP protocol stack
  • built in A-GPS and A-Glonass client to support Assisted GPS technology  
  • CellLocate - GSM localization based on information from BTS stations 
  • low standby current (logged into the GSM network / GPRS session) typ. 0.60mA 
  • direct connection with u-blox GNSS modules (over DDC / I2C) to save one UART in the application, and use A-GNSS client
  • eCall / ERA Glonass functionality (built in inband modem) 
  • designed and produced to be cost efficient solution 
  • full support from our application engineers and the manufacturer
  • temperature range -40°C ... +85°C 
  • one PCB design for 2G (SARA-G3), 3G (SARA-U2, LISA-U2) and 4G (TOBY-L) design




GPS and GSM Antenna


Wide portfolio of antennas is described in our Antennas section, and enable to select the product fitting the best into the application.

ME431MPME410B The most typical GPS antennas used in the cars are :

  • active antenna with magnet, mounted inside the car (if there is no metal around there is an option to stick the antenna)
  • active antenna screwed down in the hole, usually on the roof

We do suggest 3 or 5 meters cable, with SMA male connector.





ME500LME660B/664B GSM, GSM/GPS antenna Recommended GSM antenna is :

  • passive, flat strip, "I" type antenna - with 3m cable and FME female or SMA male connector, hidden inside the car (type: ME500L)

In case of compact solution combo antenna (GSM and GPS) could be used, usually magnet or screwed on the roof.







SMA_FEMALE_PCB_THROUGH_SMDAntenna connectors and adapter cables

Due to high reliability necessary for automotive, we suggest :

  • SMA female connectors (for GPS or/and GSM antenna), mounted on the edge of PCB in smt
  • MCX connectors - to be used also with adapter cables
  • Adapter cables between PCB and antenna connector

More information are available in our Wireless accessories section.




In case of technical or application questions, our international team of application engineers will be pleased to support You under the following e-mail address:





Broad range of services offered by Microdis are available by our sales offices across Eastern Europe.