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SARA Series

2007-07-15 17:14:01

 Foundation of a sales company in Hungary and procurement office in Germany


 Foundation of sales companies in Poland and Slovakia

 The first deliveries to the industry

 1991   Expansion into Hungary, South Poland, South Slovakia


 Establishment of LSB Electronics, later Microdis Electronics, Poland 

 Restructuring from retail to distribution


 Foundation of Microdis KFT in Hungary


 Middle sized and big industry customers as main sales targets


 Consolidation within the Eurodis Microdis Holding AG in Switzerland 

 (60% Eurodis [later Eurodis Electron PLC] and 40% Microdis)

 Foundation of a subsidiary in Czech Republic


 New sales offices in Warsaw and Sosnowiec (Poland)

 Launching of activities int other Eastern European countries

 (Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Ukraine, Russia and Baltic countries)


 Establishment of a Central Line and Product Marketing Dept. in Wroclaw (Poland)


 New sales office in Prague (Czech Rep.), cooperation with sales agent in Russia 

 The first contracts with international OEMs and CEMs


 Europartners Consultants proclaimed Eurodis Microdis to be #1 in Poland

 New sales office in Gdansk

 Close cooperation with sales agents in Bulgaria, Lithuania and Yugoslavia


 Europartners Consultants proclaimed Eurodis Microdis to be #1 in  Poland 

 and #3 in Hungary

 Start of catalogue distribution (Schuricht Elektronik)


 Inauguration of the new Headquarters in Suchy Dwor, Poland (near to Wroclaw) 

 and Vojkov, Czech Rep. (near to Prague)


 Microdis sells its 40% shares of the Eurodis Microdis Electronics AG to

 Eurodis Electron PLC and takes over entirely Eurodis Microdis Electronics in Germany

 Foundation of Microdis Electronics in Serbia and Lithuania

 Consolidation of all Microdis Electronics companies under the roof of the

 Swiss Holding Company Innova Hans Ulrich Kunz AG


 Microdis Germany obtains ISO 9001/2000 Certification


 The whole firm group is certified in accordance to ISO 9001/2000


 Fusion of Innova Hans Ulrich Kunz AG with the Swiss firm Microdis Holding AG 

 whereas Microdis Holding AG is the absorbing company


 Foundation of Microdis Electronics in Ukraine

 The best outcome in 18 years history of the company


 Foundation of Microdis Electronics in Latvia


 Foundation of Microdis Electronics in Bulgaria


 Microdis Group obtains ISO 9001/2008 Certification 


 Foundation of Microdis Components Elektronik in Turkey (Istanbul)


 Purchasing Center moved to the acquired building in Hockenheim, Germany

 Launching of activities in Romania


 Inauguration of Electromechanical Competence Center for France, in Sarrebruck 


 Relocation of the Logistic Center to Wroclaw in Poland 


 Microdis Logistic Center obtains full AEO certificate, status of highly reliable and

 secure company. Launching of activities in Slovenia.