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SARA Series

2011-11-15 10:32:57
New 230VAC LED series from Seoul Semiconductor - Acrich2


Seoul Semiconductor, announced the launch of Acrich2 LED modules, which provide long life time, low energy consumption and design convenience. The Acrich2, available in 4W, 8W, 12W and 16W modules, will provide an easy to use LED solution to replace not only 40W, 60W and 100W incandescent bulbs, but also MR16 halogen lamps and down lights.


The newly introduced Acrich provides more than a 90% increase in power efficiency by improving the power factor by up to 97% and the THD is lower than 25% to comply with the requirements of different countries, including DOE and others. Through cutting edge IC technology, lighting manufacturers can directly plug Acrich2-based products into the wall without consideration of electrical conditions.

The typical luminous flux of the new 4W modules is 330lm, 640lm for 8W modules, 970lm for 12W modules, and 1250lm for 16W modules.

Conventional LED bulbs use electrolytic capacitors resulting in temperatures of over 70℃. These temperatures shorten the product product lifetime. Other well known brand products have power factors in the range of 0.5, resulting in two times less efficiency for the same 100lm/W efficiency at the LED level.


For more information visit www.acriche.com