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AMB8826 - Long Range, Low Power module with Mesh - from Amber Wireless

German wireless module manufacturer - Amber Wireless - has presented a new ISM approach to the growing IoT (Internet of Things) trend. The AMB8826 fits in the LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) category of devices with its range of up to 10km, and only 26 mA current consumption at 14dBm output power (whilst sleeping - only 0,2µA). The Flooding Mesh feature makes this module perfect for sensor networks, data acquisition, monitoring and remote control and of course battery powered applications.

Long Range Mode
In the long range mode, the total reception sensitivity of the chip of -124 dBm is optimally utilized. This results in a phenomenal link budget of 138 dB, which together with its narrowband properties allows a very disturbance-resistant radio transmission with a range of up to 10 km (providing a clear line of sight and a dipole antenna placed at least 6 m above ground). The wireless data rate at 625 bps is more than twice the rate compared to other long range systems. Therefore, this mode of operation is particularly suited for transmission of small data packets, such as those of wide sensor networks.

Flooding Mesh-Net
The mesh functionality integrated in the firmware automatically routes messages to the destination address even over large networks. Each individual network user can act as a forwarding point and at the same time is also accessible as recipient via a separate address. To avoid unnecessary radio traffic, the modules compare incoming radio packets before re-transmitting them. This minimizes network traffic and prevents neighboring repeaters from repeating a telegram twice. Flooding mesh networks are very robust and easy to install. Radio traffic to maintain the network topology, as is the case with other mesh networks, is not required. In addition, no special measures are required to teach or include new nodes into a network. The simple allocation of a destination address for each node is sufficient to build up your mesh network.



Main characteristics:

  • Range of up to 10 km (external antenna) 
  • Only 26 mA@14dBm output power, sleep 0.2µA
  • Flooding Mesh Function
  • Small dimensions: 27 x 17 x 4 mm
  • Addressing: with up to 65500 nodes in 254 networks
  • TI CC1310 sub-GHz Transceiver
  • 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 CPU with 64kB Flash and 20kB RAM
  • Available with PCB-Antenna or external antenna connection
  • AMB8x26 footprint compatible with our module family AMB8x26
  • Radio compatible with other AMBER modules AMB8426, AMB8626, AMB8420


More information and resources are available on the manufacturers webpage: AMB8826


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