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TSM60NBXXX - 600V Super Junction G2 N - Channel MOSFETs

Taiwan Semiconductor has released a second generation of 600 V super junction power MOSFETs offering faster, higher efficiency switching performance, improved figure of merit, and faster recovery.

The TSM60NBxxx family of 600 V N-channel power MOSFETs offer RDS(on)(max) ranging from 190 mΩ to 1.4 Ω. The advanced and proprietary super-junction technology is specifically designed to resolve the efficiency limitations of high voltage planar MOSFETs by improving the RDS(on) * Qg figure of merit in load switching applications. Low RDS(on), low gate charge (Qg), and fast reverse recovery performance reduces conduction and switching losses. A variety of thermally efficient, reliable, RoHS/REACH compliant, and Halogen free packages are available for space-constrained power switching applications


• G2 Super-Junction technology
• 100% UIS tested
• Low Gate Charge, Improved FOM
• Fast Reverse Recovery
• RoHS/REACH compliant and Halogen Free Packaging

• LED Lighting
• Charger/ Adaptor
• SMPS Power Factor Correction
• LLC Primary Side MOSFET


Datasheets available on the manufacturers website under the following link: TSM60NBXX


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