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Fischer Elektronik

Fischer Elektronik is the leading manufacturer of high performance heatsinks and concepts for semiconductor cooling, connectors, brackets, accessories for optoelectronics, cases and 19'' extension systems. Additionally, manufacurer offers accessories for electronic components and customized products, which can be produced according to the individual specification.



Fischer Elektronik divides product portfolio into three sections - heatsinks, connectors and cases:

Heatsinks (f.cool):

  • extruded profiles - extruded heatsinks (also with solder pins), fin coolers, fluid coolers, high performance heatsinks
  • heatsinks for processors - heatsinks and fan coolers for universal PGA/BGA, DIL, PLCC sockets
  • finger-shaped heatsinks, small heatsinks - heatsinks for transistors in plastic case and attachable heatsinks
  • cooling aggregates
  • accessories for electronic components - mounting parts for heatsinks, thermal transfer compounds, aluminium, mica and silicone wafers, guide bars, solder mass, clip fastenning for mounting rail
  • customized heatsinks and profiles 


Connectors (f.con):

  • sockets - IC-Sockets (DIL, PGA and PLCC), sockets for transistors, LED displays and crystal oscillators
  • PCB Connectors and Accessories - male and female headers, grid spacing .1“, .079“, .05“ and .0395“, high precision contact strips, jumpers
  • D-Sub Connectors - male and female headers, connectors with mounting brackets, connectors for flat cable, crimp connectors, hoods, cut-out covers
  • IDC connectors - male headers design DIL and .01“, female headers one and two rows, rockable connectors, flat cable
  • brackets - brackets for PC and PCI (also with fixing tab), retainer for ISA version
  • optoelectronics accesories - mounts, holders and spacers for LEDs, LED-Holder with mounted LED, light pipes for SMDs, flexible light pipes


Cases (f.case):

  • cases - desk consoles, shell cases, extruded assembled cases, combination cases, cooling cases, ventilation-frames, feet and bushings, special front panels, sheet metal constructions
  • 19'' extension systems - plug-in chassis, plug-in-fan-units, monitor cases, plug-in-keyboard-units, subracks, bench cases, insert modules, extender cards, BUS-backplanes, network cubicles
  • customized cases and front panels 



Our customers, together with Fischer Elektronik products, usually order:


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Complete information regarding Fischer Elektronik can be found on: www.fischerelektronik.de