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Global Connector Technology

Global Connector Technology Limited (GCT) is a leading designer and manufacturer of standard and custom interconnect products. GCT is focusing on quality & reliable connectors for applications in Wireless Communication, Computer & Peripherals, Digital Entertainment, Networking, Industrial, Automation, Medical, Instrumentation, Security and other Consumer Electronics Products.

GCT offers interconnect products that are UL, ISO9001:2000 and RoHS compliant.

Board to Board Connectors
Board to board connectors from GCT are of high quality and very competitive prices, with connector pitches ranges from 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.00mm, 1.27mm, 2.00mm to 2.54mm (0.019", 0.031", 0.039", 0.050", 0.079" to 0.100" centerline), of single, double, triple or quadruple rows, with vertical (straight) or horizontal (right-angle) orientations in surface mount or through-hole(DIP) lead style. All the board to board connectors can be custom made based on specific customers design requirements.

Board to board connectors are manufactured in the following types:
  • Pin header (also known as male header)
  • Elevated pin header (also known as stacked, stacker, mezzanine and PC104 headers)
  • Shrouded header (also known as box header)
  • Socket (also known as female header or receptacle)
  • Elevated socket (also known as stacked, stacker, mezzanine and PC104 sockets)

Memory Connectors
Global Connector Technology Memory Card Connectors are designed for ease & benefits of customers use, with push push, push pull and hinged style for simple, economic and space saving applications.

Available types of Memory Connectors:
  • Secure Digital (SD) Card Connector
  • Micro SD Card Connector
  • Combo Micro SD + SIM Card Connector

SIM Card Connectors

GCT currently provides 6 types of SIM card connectors. All of them are compatible with plug-in SIM cards that conforms to the GSM 11.11 standards.

  • Dual SIM Connector
  • Push Push SIM connector
  • Combo SIM connector (SIM & MicroSD)
  • Hinged SIM connector
  • Retainer SIM connector
  • Open Contact SIM connector
USB Connectors
GCT offers also USB Connectors fully compliant with USB2.0 (backward compatible to USB1.0 & 1.1). 15u" gold plated contacts for low contact resistance (<50mOhm), Hi-Temp thermoplastics (e.g. 30% glass filled LCP) rated to UL94-V0 as housing material and  metal shielding minimize EMI interference to other components makes them suitable for any application.

Available types of USB Connectors:
  • Mini B Receptacle
  • Mini AB Receptacle
  • Micro B Receptacle


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Complete information regarding Global Connector Technology can be found on:  https://gct.co/