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Fischer Connectors

Fischer Connectors is a leading company in the design, manufacture and distribution of high-performance connectors. Known for their reliability and precision, Fischer Connectors products are used in fields requiring faultless quality, such as medical equipment, industrial instrumentation, measuring and testing devices, broadcast, telecommunication and military applications.


Innovative and flexible, Fischer Connectors is committed to provide customized solutions for each application. For more than 50 years, company has been continuously developing new concepts. Today their product range comprises over 20,000 connectors and accessories.


Why choose a Fischer connectors:


Original push-pull locking system 

  • Unparalleled signal integrity – fully secured against accidental disconnection
  • Self-locking mechanism – designed for frequent connect/disconnect operations
  • Ideal for compact product designs – locking system integrated into connector housing
  • Push-pull locking system delivered as standard – non locking or emergency release solutions also available

Designed for easy connect/disconnect operations

  • Easy mating cycle, even feasible blind – guiding mechanism ensures precise alignment
  • Increased safety and user friendliness – mechanical and color coding prevent misconnection
  • Convenient grip even with gloves – circular connectors with ribbed housing profile
  • Increased equipment life span – guiding mechanism optimally protects the contacts

Proven rugged, compact and lightweight solutions 

  • Robust and shock resistant designs – ideal for equipment used in the field
  • Compact and lightweight construction – ideal for miniature and portable devices
  • High pin density and hybrid contacts – contributing to equipment miniaturization
  • Long product durability – greater then 5000 mating cycles guaranteed

Operational in demanding and harsh environments

  • High performance connectors – designed and tested to withstand extreme conditions
  • Sealed up to IP68 and corrosion resistant – usable underwater
  • Hermetic – for use in vacuum or pressurized environments
  • Sterilizable – ideal for medical applications
  • 3600 EMC shielded – preventing electromagnetic interferences
  • Functional in a wide temperature range – from -500C to +1500C




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Technical information 


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Complete information regarding Fischer Connectors can be found on: http://www.fischerconnectors.com