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J.S.T - Japan Solderless Terminals - is one of the worlds largest manufacturers of electrical and electronic connectors. The first products were loose piece terminals, which were introduced into the market in 1957. Today, JST is a manufacturer of the most reliable, most technologically advanced and most cost-efficient electromechanical components.



JST's product portfolio contains thousands of different terminals and connectors :

  • Printed Circuit Connectors - wire to board crimp style connectors, wire to board insulation displacement connectors, board to board connectors, FFC/FPC connectors, PC Card connectors, ribbon cable connectors
  • Interface Connection Connectors - smart card connectors, SIM card holders, memory card connectors, battery holders, antenna connectors, optical fiber connectors, D-Sub connectors, USB, FireWire and mini-DIN connectors 
  • Wire to Wire Connectors - crimp style and insulation displacement connectors, combined signal and power connections, water-proof connectors
  • Solderless Terminals and Splices - ring, fork and spade tongues; flag, pin, blade and knife terminals; faston terminals; bullets; parallel, butt and closed-end splices; tape-on terminals; DIN terminals; with vinyl or nylon insulation
  • Wires and Cables - flat ribbon cables, flexible flat cables, round conductors, single core cables, control wires, stranded wires with UL/CSA approvals
  • Tools - hand tools, semi-automatic presses, full-automatic presses, applicators



Connectors and Terminals produced by JST are used in wide range of applications in automotive, consumer electronics, white goods and telecom.



Microdis offers customized harness, according customer's specification. Details can be found in our harness section.





Our customers, together with JST products, usually order:






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Complete information regarding JST can be found on: http://www.jst.de/