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SARA Series

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Lear Corp.

 Lear Corporation is one of the world's largest suppliers of automotive interior systems and components. Microdis is a franchised distributor and partner of Lear Corporation Terminals and Connectors. For component requirements of the automotive industry, domestic appliance industry and application industry, please contact manufacturer. We supply high quality connectors and terminals for such applications like automotive, white goods and consumer.








Microdis offers customized harness, according customer's specification. Details can be found in our harness section.



Our customers, together with Lear products, usually order:






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In case of technical or application questions, our international team of application engineers will be pleased to support You under the following e-mail address:





Broad range of services offered by Microdis are available by our sales offices across Eastern Europe.


Complete information regarding Lear can be found on: Lear Connectors and Terminals