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Taiwan Semiconductor

Taiwan Semiconductor was founded in 1979. The corporation specializes in manufacturing rectifiers, analog ICs and transistors. Since its establishment, TSC has gained a worldwide reputation for its excellence in products quality.


Taiwan Semiconductor products have been predominantly implemented in home electrical appliances, telecomunication products, equipment instruments, automotive, industrial and computer applications. TSC is looking forward for customers' special application requirements.


Within Taiwan Semiconductor products portfolio wide range of semiconductors can be found:

  • rectifiers - general purpose rectifiers, Schottky barrier rectifiers, super fast rectifiers (35ns), bridge rectifiers, TVS (uni- and bidirectional), Zener and switching diodes
  • linear voltage regulators - standard linear, low drop out, CMOS low drop out
  • ultra low drop out voltage regulator - for low and high voltages, also special products for automotive applications
  • voltage references
  • switching regulators - DC-DC converters, buck and boost regulators
  • amplifiers and comparators - also specially designed for telecomunication appliances
  • analog integrated circuits - reset ICs, voltage detectors, ULDO drivers
  • bipolar and MOSFET transistors


Our customers, together with Taiwan Semiconductor products, usually order:








Products Information

Rectifier diodes

Rectifier bridges

Zener diodes

TVS diodes

Analog ICs

Small signal products

Bipolar transistors

MOSFET transistors


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Broad range of services offered by Microdis are available by our sales offices across Eastern Europe.


Complete information regarding Taiwan Semicond. can be found on: www.taiwansemi.com