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MECAL Srl - italian company , established in 1976 , with the aim of supplying the wire harness industry with the best crimping equipment. Their leading products like applicators and presses are extensively used by the automotive, communication and IT (information technology) industry, and wherever a high quality connection is needed.



Situated in the middle of the most industrially developed part of Italy  - Mecal operates out its fully owned 5.000 sq.mt. Fubine plant, 110 skilled employees and very modern and rational production structure. Furthermore, Mecal supports its Customer base with two manufacturing plants in Brasil and the U.S.A.


Mecals’ machine shop is equipped with all the specific machine tools needed to manufacture every single component of their products: spark erosion, CNC horizontal and vertical milling, CNC lathes and all the special machines needed to accurately finish elements. Every component is dimensionally checked with coordinate 3-axis measuring machine, and also the chroming and other surface treatments are done in house.

Mecal has been ISO 9001 (since 1994) and ISO 14001 (since 2004) certified.


Mecals’ main products are applicators and presses , of which the applicators are the most customizable – since they must be manufactured individually in accordance with the contacts/ connectors specification and set-up to meet customer needs. Mecal produces applicators for most popular connectors like:

  • flat connectors for standard tabs width 2.8/4.8/6.3/9.5mm; 
  • ring terminals  and terminal ends;
  • all possible pins used in connectors or sockets ,  with or without seals;
  • splices, where applicator is fed by cooper band then cut, form and crimp around 2 side wires;
  • IDC connectors;
  • Connectors for coax cable;
  • Loose End Sleeve (Tube) terminals for such kind of connectors like ITTC, Amphenol etc.


The applicators are available with end– and side- feeding , for semi– or full-automatic machines ( like Schleuniger , Komax) , with European coupling with crimping height of 135,8mm as well as for Asian machines (other crimping height and coupling).
For high current connectors system, Mecal manufactures also special dies for crimping of cables even above 75mm2 (above 3/0 AWG).
A big part of Mecals’ production are presses with 1.5 T to 20T crimp force.
A complement for the production are labs for measuring of crimping parameters like crimp force , crimp width and height and full micrography of crimping sections.





Broad range of services offered by Microdis are available by our sales offices across Eastern Europe.


Complete information regarding MECAL can be found on: www.mecal.net