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LG Innotek

LG Innotek, a South Korean company and a worldwide leader in manufacturing of LED components and semi-finished products since the year 2000. Quality, high efficacy and long lifetime are achieved through the control of the whole process, from EPI growth, through chip etching, packaging and ending on LED module production. The component portfolio includes mid and high power white LEDs, COBs and UV LEDs.


The porfolio consist of:
  • Mid-power LEDs in various packages: 5630, 3030, 3528, 5152, 6030 and 7030,
  • High-power LEDs in the acclaimed 3535 package (with many efficacy options), in the 7070 package for high flux applications and in the 5152 package,
  • COBs with powers ranging from 7W to 56W,
  • High Voltage LEDs in 5630, 3030 and 5250 packages,
  • a wide range of UV LEDs, including deep UV-C for sterilization and UV-A/UV-B for curing and biomedical applications.




Our customers, together with LED products, usually order:




accessories (lenses, connectors, cables)







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Complete information regarding LG Innotek can be found on: LG Innotek