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Leading innovator in ferrite-ceramic technology. Ferroxcube offers broad range of soft ferrite cores, EMI suppression products, metal alloy ring cores and accessories.



Within Ferroxcube product portfolio broad range of soft ferrites cores and accessories can be found, with shapes like  E, EI, EC, EFD, EP, EPX, EQ, ER, ETD, frame, bar, P, PT, PH, PM, PQ, RM, U, I and UR. In addition the company offers IIC (Integrated Inductive Components), ferrite and iron powder toroids.


Ferroxcube manufactures EMI suppression products, avoiding Electro Magnetic Interference to minimum - bobbin cores, cable shields, EMI suppression beads (also fixed on wire), miniature balun and drum cores, multihole inductors and suppressors, rods, SMD beads, SMD chokes and tubes.

Furthermore, Ferroxcube produces specialty shaped ferrites, ferrites for anechoic chambers for EMI measurement and ferrites for particle accelerators.




Our customers, together with Ferroxcube products, usually order:




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Broad range of services offered by Microdis are available by our sales offices across Eastern Europe.


Complete information regarding Ferroxcube can be found on: www.ferroxcube.com