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Transponders RFID

Wide portfolio of RFID transponders, including the most popular standards on the market, as well as transponders dedicated to some applications and semi-finished products.



Our long time experience on the RFID market brings our application support efficient and valuable for the customers, and the right selection of components offered by us.



Form factors of transponders:

  • white cards, according the ISO standard
  • printed ISO cards (customized product) 
  • keyfobs
  • wristbands
  • paper labels (customized product)
  • PVC rings (PETs)
  • inlays and prelams - components used in manufacturing of labels, cards and other transponders






We recommend transponders according to the most popular standards on the market:

  • Mifare standard 1K (NXP/Philips chip, ISO14443A, 13.56MHz)
  • Unique/EM4100      (EM Microelectronic/EM Marin, 125kHz)
  • Atmel/TK4100        (Atmel/Temic, 125kHz)

as well as wide portfolio of  products with chipset requested by the customer:

  • Mifare 4K, Mifare Ultralight, Mifare DESFire - NXP/Philips chips, ISO14443A, 13.56MHz
  • I-Code - NXP/Philips chips, ISO15693, 13.56MHz
  • TAG-it - Texas Instruments chips, ISO15693, ISO18000-3, 13.56MHz
  • Hitag1, Hitag2, HitagS - NXP/Philips chips, ISO11784/85, 125kHz
  • Atmel/Temic 5557, 5567 - ISO11784/85, 125kHz
  • TI-RFid LF - Texas Instruments chips, ISO11785, 134.2kHz
  • Legic Advant and Legic Prime - ISO14443, ISO15693, 13.56MHz
  • UHF Gen 2 - Texas Instruments chips


More information regarding the most popular RFID applications can be found on our RFID products section.



Our customers, together with RFID products, usually order:


GSM modules


industrial PCs (AAEON, NEXCOM) 





In case of technical or application questions, our international team of application engineers will be pleased to support You under the following e-mail address:





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