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NIC Components

NIC Components is a designer, manufacturer and worldwide supplier of a comprehensive range of passive components that includes capacitors, resistors, inductors, ferrite chip beads, thermistors, fuses, varistors and diodes.


Wide range of capacitors contains electrolytic, tantalum, ceramic and film capacitors - all available in through hole and surface mount technology, number of case sizes, maximum operating temperature range from -55 up to 125° Celsius, RF, low ESR, long live and safety products.

The second of NIC's main product lines - resistors - consists of surface mount and axial leaded resistors with temperature range from -55 up to even 200° Celsius, high resistance value and current sensing resistors, networks and NTC Thermistors.

NIC's also offers surface mount rectifier diodes, varistors, chip fuses, inductors and ferrite beads.




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Complete information regarding NIC Components can be found on: www.niccomp.com