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Low power GNSS M10

2017-04-12 09:49:38
SARA Series

2009-05-18 13:34:45
RIA Connect introduces X|Synergy

X|Synergy, RIA ConnectX|Synergy is the complete RJ45 connection system to be used in harsh environment.

The RJ45 connector standardized per ISO/IEC 11801 and 24702 became, besides the fiber optic LC connectors, the “connection system of the internet era”. It is used for most of the data communication interfaces. With the growing need of integrated communication it is now also entering harsh environments when for example automation islands are integrated in production process networks.

A future orientated connection system capable for universal use has to meet tremendeously widespread challenges. X|Synergy is the system that combines all these features in the unique way:

  • protection against environmental influences (oil, vibration, heat/cold, chemicals etc.) up to protection class IP67
  • transmission features: 10 GBit, Cat.6A, shielding
  • easy installation
  • automized assembly

More details regarding X|Synergy you could find on the RIA Connect webpage.