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Seoul Semiconductor launches new AC powered LED: Acriche A4

Acriche A4 LED Seoul Semiconductor, a world-leading LED manufacturer, has launched the new model in Acriche family called  A4.


Advanced technology used in Acriche A4 is able to combine two key factors : CRI (Color Rendering Index) and brightness.


The past requirement due to lowering luminous efficiency by several tens of percentage is overcome by the A4. The A4 devices have a color temperature of 3000K and include multiple new technologies provide excellent efficiency of 75 lumens per watt (lm/W) with a High CRI of 85.


set of Acriche A4 LEDsColor Rendering Index (Ra) indicates how much a light resembles a natural light source with the influence of the light on various colors of objects. It is measured in units from 0 to 100, where 100 indicates the most similar to natural light.

Due to their similarity to natural light High CRI sources are excellent for high quality light applications replacing warm white incandescent and CFL light sources.


Acriche A4 LED can be driven from AC power, between 100V and 230V, without additional conversion, only with the integration of a simple, cheap diode bridge. A4 uses 50Vrms per package and 110V-220V can be achieved by connecting multiple devices in any configuration that offers freedom of placement of the A4.