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Low power GNSS M10

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SARA Series

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New SIM and combo SIM / microSD memory card holders

Combo SIM/microSD card holder

Global Connector Technology (GCT) is now offering new types of SIM and Combo SIM/micro SD connectors. Following products meet the most demanding customers requirements.


Push-push SIM holders
SIM4050 & SIM4055 are a surface mount, push-push, 6-pin SIM card holders. Wide temperature range -55~85C and high durability (5000 cycles) makes them suitable for standard and hard environment applications.


Low-profile SIM holders
SIM3050 is a low profile product dedicated for applications where space-saving is crucial. 0,50mm profile (with SIM card included) makes it really thin without impact on durability. It is still posible to achieve 5000 cycles life time.


Combo SIM/ microSD memory card holders
In all applications, where both SIM and memory cards are required, most space-saving solution is a 2in1 SIM & uSD connector. MES3050 is a push-push microSD holder combined with a push-pull SIM connector. In case of MES3055 both holders are hinged style.


Dual SIM holders
Following new trends GCT introduced a dual SIM holder suitable for application working with two SIM cards. SIM6050 is a surface mount, 2x8 pin, 3mm profile connector.


Global Connector Technology portfolio includes also many standard SIM holders.


Please visit GCT website for more detailed description: www.globalconnectortechnology.com