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Low power GNSS M10

2017-04-12 09:49:38
SARA Series

2011-02-28 08:57:27
The STW8Q2PA from Seoul Semiconductor, less than 1 cent for 1lm

Seoul Semiconductor has launched a high-performance, surface mount LED - the STW8Q2PA. This product with its low power, high efficacy, and low thermal resistance is a perfect solution for high-density arrays, strip lighting, tube lighs and backlighting applications where a more uniform light distribution is desired. 


The STW8Q2PA has one of the best lm/$ ratios on the market. Driven with 100mA a single diode output ranges from 28 to 33lm, which gives a output of 90-110lm/W. The STW8Q2PA dimensions are 5.6x3x0.9mm, and the thermal resistance is only 15deg/W, one of the lowest in the market. The high CRI (80) makes this diode perfect for interior lighting applicatons. Available in both warm and pure white with reliability proven by LM80 certificate.