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Low power GNSS M10

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SARA Series

2013-08-16 15:09:42
SARA-G3xx - high quality and useful features do not have to be expensive

SARA-G3xx module GSM / GPRS u-blox SARA-G3xx - the new family of low-power and cost effective GSM/GPRS modules introduced by u-blox is continuation of well known, and market proven modules LEON-Gxxx.


Packed in a compact 16x26 mm LGA module, SARA offers traditional for u-blox outstanding quality and reliability, excellent electrical parameters (fe. extremely low power consumption, high sensitivity) and useful features like CellLocate (navigation without GPS/GNSS), DTMF support, in-band modem support for eCall and ERA Glonass, integration with GPS/GNSS modules including built in Assisted GPS client.


SARA-G3xx GSM/GPRS modules are pin compatible to the smallest 3G HSPA (UMTS/GSM) modules SARA-U2xx.


SARA family members offer low to high-end features, and form factor supporting simple migration to u-blox’ LISA UMTS and CDMA, and TOBY LTE modules via PCB layout compatibility (nested design). SARA-LISA-TOBY nested design


SARA modules provide a perfect solution to a wide range of M2M applications requiring dual or quad-band GSM/GPRS, voice and/or data, optional Internet suite (embedded TCP/IP, UDP/IP, HTTP and FTP),  and in-band modem support for eCall and ERA GLONASS emergency call applications. Extremely low power consumption (0.6mA logged to the network) makes SARA perfect for portable applications.

SARA modules are ideally suited for M2M and automotive applications such as Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), Remote Monitoring Automation and Control (RMAC), surveillance and security, road pricing, asset tracking, fleet management, anti-theft systems and Point of Sales (PoS) terminals.

RIL software for Android and Embedded Windows is available free of charge.

SARA modules are manufactured in ISO/TS 16949 certified sites. Each module is intensively inspected and tested during production. The modules are fully qualified according to ISO 16750 - Environmental conditions and electrical testing for electrical and electronic equipment for road vehicles to provide high durability and reliability.