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Low power GNSS M10

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SARA Series

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New product lines of German supplier of cables MEDIKABEL

XtraBASIC (UL/CSA/HAR/MTW/AWM Wire Style 1015):
This standard cable (tinned copper according to EN 13602, with special PVC insulation)  is suitable for systems and equipment which have been designated for export.
This cable is developed to be used for the wiring of electrical cabinets for installation technology and equipment, as a connecting cable for machines and as a connection cable for motors and transformers.



Technical Data
Test voltage: 3000V
UL/CSA: 600V – 105°C
MTW: 600V – 90°C
HAR: 300/500V – 90°C (H05V2-K)
450/750V – 90°C (H07V2-K)

XtraECO (UL/cUL/HAR/VDE Wire Style 3578):
A halogen-free single core, Copper blank according to EN 13602 with halogen free elastomer compound - insulation. Suitable for most industrialized countries of the world
This cable  is designed for the internal wiring in switchboards and machines.
Its purpose is installation in dry rooms, in pipes, in closed systems, the  wiring of lamps and devices.
Mounting is especially recommended if, in the case of fire, people and valuable property are in need of protection from damage




Technical Data
Test voltage: 3000V
UL/cUL: 600V – 105°C
HAR/VDE: 300/500V – 90°C (H05Z-K)
450/750V – 90°C (H07Z-K)

XtraHEAT (UL/cUL/VDE Wire Style 3672):

Cable with tinned copper according to EN 13602 and core insulation made by silicone in VDE quality.
This halogen-free high-temperature resistant cable is suitable for use in household appliances with high temperature requirements, as well as for external wiring of machines, lights and heating devices in fixed installation within a mechanically protected environment.



Technical Data
Test voltage: 2000V
UL/cUL: 300V – 150°C
VDE: 300/300V – 180°C
(0,75mm²: N2GFAF)