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Embedded GPS helical antenna from Maxtena

The M1575HCT-22-P is a high performance passive antenna designed for the GPS L1 band, and built on proprietary Helicore®technology. This technology provides exceptional pattern control, polarization purity and high efficiency in a very compact form factor.


The M1575HCT-22-P is designed for embedded applications and features an integrated 3-pin connector. This product is designed for applications requiring high quality reception of GPS signals.


The ultra light design weighs only 2 grams making this antenna ideal for the most demanding, mechanically constrained platforms including handheld devices, asset tracking,seismic recording instruments and many more.

The antenna is designed to have the best parameters in the target application. Using the tuning kit the designer can choose the correct frequency to counter the detuning of the antenna due to the casing and other components used in the device.



The tuning kit is an inexpensive, quick and effective way to determine the correct GPS antenna to use inside a device. The kit contains five standard Helicore® samples optimized for a range of different loading conditions commonly encountered in devices requiring an embedded antenna configuration.


Five color coded frequencies



After receiving the tuning kit, the customer can test each one of the five antennas. Before starting the test, a prototype of the device hosting the antenna should be available, including the PCB, all the metal parts and the plastic components that are in proximity of the antenna location.


Example of antenna soldered to board



When the tests are over - just pick the one antenna that performs the best out of the five. After a decision has been made, an order can be placed by contacting us with the selected part number you wish to purchase.


Five benefits to starting with a GPS tuning kit
  1. The use of a tuning kit can drastically shorten the time to market for new products while guaranteeing that customers are getting a high performance GPS antenna. 
  2. Since the effect of dielectric loading and printed circuit board edge proximity produces a downward shift of the center frequency, the antennas in the kit are tuned at incrementally higher frequencies than the nominal GPS L1 center frequency.
  3. The elements in the kit provide the ability to obtain high radiation gain for the vast majority of modern GPS applications.
  4. The antennas can be tested with most receivers and their software.
  5. Once a selection has been made from the kit the customer can easily order the antennas by part number and color.


More information can be found on the manufacturers website: www.maxtena.com,

in the datasheet and application note.