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IR and UV diodes for special applications from Brightek

Taiwanese LED manufacturer - Brightek - has expanded the offer of non-visible light components to satisfy the growing need for energy efficient and small IR and UV emmitters in the industrial markets.

UV wavelengths ranging from 365nm to 430nm, with powers up to 30W.
IR wavelengths ranging from 820nm to 970nm, with powers up to 4W.


The products for both groups are available in different sizes and THT or SMD technologies, to fit most needs.



Most popular applications include:

  • UV:
    - Curing - Industrial (print, PCB) and consumer (nails, teeth)
    - Air purification
    - Blood detection
    - Counterfeit money detection
  • IR:
    - Security devices and surveillance cameras
    - Plant growing lights
    - De-icing applications (i.e. for traffic signs)
    - Event data recorders in cars


More information and resources are available on the manufacturers webpage: UV diodes, IR diodes


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