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Low power GNSS M10

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SARA Series

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SARA-N2 - the first LTE Cat.NB1 (Narrow Band IoT) modules

u-blox spent few years to develop and bring to the market new technology, which is breaking point for applications where power consumption and link budget of standard cellular products are not good enough. The market leading SARA-N2 series brings Narrow Band Internet of Things (NBIoT) technology to industrial customers, allowing early adopters to be the driving force for deployment, and giving them the opportunity to have a jump start for their designs before the competition. Technology is tested by u-blox already since 2015, with many trial installations worldwide. Engineering samples and evaluation kits are available to order at your local Microdis office.

The cellular data transmission technology is evolving in two different directions:

  • High bandwidth/data rate:  delivered by expensive LTE high Cat.  (Cat.4, 6, and higher) modules, is required mostly by the consumer market,
  • Longevity: IoT/M2M customers are aware of evening of the 2G/3G technology. They are looking for longer availability of the network, keeping the cost and power consumption low, with limited data throughput.

u-blox is a leading supplier of LTE Low Cat. (Cat.1, Cat.M1, Cat.NB1) modules meeting such industrial IoT requirements.

The newest addition is the NBIoT LTE.Cat.NB1 module SARA-N2 - a battery life beyond 10 years and +23dB link budget to work in areas where signal is weak. Modules work in LTE network, bringing worldwide coverage and long availability of the network.

U-blox - is the first manufacturer developing this technology, with proven track-record:

- SARA-N2 modules verified by tests on the field
- 1st technology demonstration in 2015 - MWC Barcelona
- 1st pre-standard message - Spain
- 1st NBIoT module announcement - June 27, 2016
- Successful trials in Germany, China, Norway and Singapore
for metering, parking and smart lighting application


Main features:



Due to u-blox nested concept, various modules can be alternatively mounted on the same board space.

AT commands compatibility and one board for:

- 2G - SARA-G3

- 3G - SARA-U2, including the smallest module with worldwide 3G/2G coverage

- 4G - LTE Cat.1 - LARA-R2 pin compatible with SARA form factor

- 4G - LTE Cat.M1 - SARA-R4

- 4G NBIoT - LTE Cat.NB1 - SARA-N2


More information and resources are available on the manufacturers webpage: SARA-N


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