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Taiwan Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (TSC) steps into the market for automotive LED Driver

Taiwan Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (TSC), global specialist in discrete devices (Diodes, MOSFETs) and power management ICs, last week introduced its new portfolio of low-side constant current regulators (CCR) for linear LED driving for automotive lighting applications, thus complementing the existing TSCR4xx LED driver portfolio. With its market entry for automotive LED Driver, TSC reaches another milestone to systematically expand its position as a supplier to the automotive industry. The products as well as samples are orderable immediately from stock.




The AEC-Q100 qualified LED Driver regulates with a present 10mA nominal that can be adjusted with an external resistor up to 300mA. It is designed for driving LEDs in strings and will reduce current at increasing temperatures to self-protect. Operating as a series linear CCR for LED string current control, it can be used in multiple applications up to a maximum supply voltage of < 40V. With the low-side control, the TSCR421 has an Enable (EN) pin which can be pulse-width modulated (PWM) up to 10kHz by a microcontroller for LED dimming. The output current at higher temperatures is the result of the negative temperature coefficient of 0.07%/°C of the LED driver.
TSC´s product portfolio covers a variety of applications such as ambient, interior and reading light as well as turn signals and instrument cluster illumination.
More information on the new low-side constant current regulators (CCR) for linear LED driving, including product specs and datasheet are available at: