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Wezag desktop crimping system UP15

Wezag WDT UP15

UP 15 - electric bench top unit for professional crimping.

The new electric desktop crimping machine together with proven WEZAG linear crimp sets creates user friendly, useful and exceptionally adaptable system.


Developed for industrial application system guarantees optimal and fast crimp result of a wide variety of individual connectors.  


Due to the tool heads of the WEZAG CSV 10 system as well as the crimp die sets of the WEZAG CS 30 crimp system, which can be easily adapted, a wide range of different contacts can be crimped. Adapters, tool heads and die sets can be exchanged in a fast and easy way.



  • compact, light-weight design
  • touchscreen with new user interface
  • piece and batch counter adaptable to individual requirements
  • multilingual service menu with additional setting options
  • crimping process with operation via side push buttons (suitable for right- and left-handed operators) or alternatively with electric foot switch with protective cover
  • forced sequence control ensures additional process quality
  • ideal set-up time - adapter / tool head change easy and time-saving
  • adapters for CSV10 heads and CS30 dies available in short time
  • compliant with current EU-Directives and CE



Technical Data





437 x 261 x 170 mm


10.5 kg

Max. crimp force

15 kN

Crimp cycle speed (at full stroke of 12 mm)

ca. 1.5 seconds

Noise level

69 dB(A)

Electrical connection

115 VAC | 230 VAC | 50 | 60 Hz

Electrical consumption max.

250 VA


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