2022-03-01 14:35:42
Low power GNSS M10

2017-04-12 09:49:38
SARA Series

2023-05-26 14:50:12
USB4175 - 11mm profile 20k cycle USB Type-C

The combination of an 11.00mm profile, a sturdy high temperature plastic base, 4 through hole shell stakes, 2 location pegs and 20,000 mating cycles make USB4175 ideal for Power Only Tested to 20,000 mating cycles (2x the industry standard) applications where a higher mating face and long-term reliability is needed.


Key features:

  • 11.00mm profile
  • Vertical PCB mount
  • 6-pin only for minimum cost
  • 20,000 Mating Cycles
  • 2.3mm shell stakes for maximum stability