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u-blox is a manufacturer of high performance GPS/GNSS, GSM/UMTS/LTE/NBIoT/5G and SRR (Bluetooth, WiFi) products and services. Company is located in Switzerland and, based on the long time exeprience, develops innovative positioning technologies, products and services. u-blox offers high level of technical support, as well as superb quality of the products, 100% tested with GNSS simulator at the factory.


Technologies implemented by u-blox considered as milestones in positioning :

  • Precise Point Positioning - PPP algorithms for applications require better accuracy, possible to decrease position error to less then 1.0m
  • Centimeter level accuracy - high precision (2.5cm) GNSS receivers with acceptable price level
  • Dead Reckoning - uninterrupted navigation anywhere with 100% road coverage, using built in sensors (like gyroscope, accelerometer) and Enhanced Kalman Filter algorithm
  • Assisted GPS/GNSS - boosts GPS/GNSS acquisition performance by providing additional data to the GPS/GNSS receiver, makes Time To First Fix (TTFF) much shorter even under bad signal conditions 
  • GPS/GNSS support via GSM module - including Assisted GPS/GNSS client
  • CellLocate - stand-alone location estimation based on surrounding GSM/UMTS cell information, offered by u-blox cellular modules (SARA, LISA, LEON)
  • Narrowband IoT (NBIoT, LTE Cat.NB1) - the market leader in introduction and implementation of this new communication technology provided by LTE networks and dedicated to low power applications (metering, sensors, smart cities etc.) 


u-blox products have been specifically designed to fit the needs of wide range of applications in diverse market segments.




Our customers, together with GPS products, usually order :






GSM modules


accessories (antennas, connectors, adapters)








Product Information
GSM / GPRS / UMTS / HSPA+ / LTE / CDMA modules GPS / Glonass / BeiDou / QZSS / Galileo modules
Short Range Radio modules (WiFi, Bluetooth) GNSS modules with integrated antenna


In case of technical or application questions, our international team of application engineers will be pleased to support You under the following e-mail address :





Broad range of services offered by Microdis are available by our sales offices across Eastern Europe.


Complete information regarding u-blox can be found on: www.u-blox.com