2017-04-12 09:49:38
SARA Series


2017-03-16 19:58:36
New ADR approved automotive cables from MediKabel

ADR is a European Directive which regulates the international transport of hazardous goods, e.g. fuel or other explosive materials on the road. The cables that are mounted in these vehicles have to comply with certain requirements.

MediKabels new customized ADR approved FLRYY cables fulfill these special conditions of hazardous material transportation.

Download the flyer with more details 

2014-08-11 14:03:11
25th Anniversary of Microdis Group

2012-03-30 20:05:24
LEON-G100 & LEON-G100 certified in Ukraine

LEON-G100 LEON-G200 GSM Certificate in Ukraine 

Family of GSM/GPRS modules produced by well known swiss manufacturer u-blox has been certified in Ukraine.


LEON-G100 and LEON-G200 are officially approved to be used in the GSM network in Ukraine.

2011-07-15 08:38:17
CellLocate - positioning even without GPS signal introduced by u-blox

CellLocate u-bloxu-blox - swiss expert in positioning technologies - has embedded cellular positioning technology CellLocate into its LEON (2G) and LISA (3G) families of wireless modules.


CellLocate can be used together with GPS/Glonass/Galileo receivers - to estimate position when GPS signal is blocked (in the garage, tunnel, inside the building) or jammed (using jammer). Moreover, accuracy is high enough for many applications, where CellLocate can be used alone, saving the cost of GPS/Glonass receiver. 


More details can be found by clicking the link: CellLocate article.pdf