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Together with the wireless products Microdis can also offer comprehensive range of accessories necessary to support wireless applications, including: HF connectors, HF adapter cables, SIM card holders, system connectors, antennas, AC power supplies etc.





The most typical accessories, requested by our customers are : 

  • Antennas - one of the most important component in every wireless application. Wide portfolio of antennas, many shapes, technologies and bands - can be found in our antennas section
  • HF Connectors - type (smt or through hole; straight or angle; panel mount or bulkhead) and shape are always selected to fit the best to the design. The most typical connectors used in our wireless applications are: SMB, FME, MCX, MMCX and GSC
  • System Connectors - fit to the modules' connectors 
  • Adapter Cables - interface between the module (or PCB) and antenna cable. Type of connectors and length depend on the customer's requests, the most typical are:  
    • MMCX (male, angle) - SMA (female, bulkhead)
    • MMCX (male, angle) - FME (male, bulkhead) 
    • GSC (female, angle) - FME (male, bulkhead)  
    • GSC (female, angle) - SMA (female, bulkhead) 
  • SIM Card Holders 
  • Gyroscopes - used in GPS dead reckoning systems
  • AC Power Supplies - for GSM terminals
  • RS232 Cables - for GSM terminals 


In case of technical or application questions, our international team of application engineers will be pleased to support You under the following e-mail address:





Broad range of services offered by Microdis are available by our sales offices across Eastern Europe.